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Happy New Year & welcome back to all of our dancers and a big HELLO if you are new to Stars Dance Studio!  We are so excited to be heading into our 2021 season with you as our STAR!  

Our Stars program includes recreational dancers, performing groups and competitive teams.  For more information about any of our classes or teams, please review all of the information on our website or stop by and see us at the front desk located inside Studio A.

These first few weeks are always an adjustment period for our instructors and our students.  Please bear with us while we get all of the "kinks" worked out and into a system.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come talk to us.

Each month we will send out a newsletter filled with important reminders, exciting news, and other studio related information we think you need to know.  Feel free to pick up a printed copy in our observation room in both Studio A or Studio B if needed.

Thank you for your support and welcome to the STARS family!

If Your Child Feels Like a Star, They Will Shine!

The STARS Program goals are founded on caring about how kids feel about themselves.  If a child believes in themselves, the goals they set and accomplish reach far beyond what anyone may have believed they could do.  They can see that their actions can make a positive impact on their surroundings, their families, their schools and their communities.

Being part of the STARS Program is a wonderful opportunity for youth to set and accomplish goals.  Every STAR is taken seriously.  Every child is treated with the same enthusiasm, the same commitment and the same encouragement.  The STARS Program is a successful way to inspire kids to be the best they can be.

The STARS experience is a wonderful mystery.  Being a STAR is something that happens on the inside-the movements, the music and the muscle are merely visual representation of the magic inside each STAR.  The applause that they hear from their teacher, teammates, parents and crowds becomes a permanent part of their inner nature.  They feel like a STAR - and they do shine!

We want all of our dancers to feel like a STAR and encourage positive behavior in classes.  We encourage you to discuss ways to be a positive influence with your child, not only in class, but in life in general.  We discourage name calling, fighting, racial or discriminatory remarks and exclusion of one child by another and hope you will help us in making every child feel like a STAR at the studio.  If you have any concerns about the treatment of your child in class by another child, please discuss the situation with us so we can address it appropriately.

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January 4, 2021- Classes Begin









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